My passion for the moving image led me to experience different techniques to bring a story to life.   In 2008, I graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), in 2D & 3D Animation. Given the opportunity to live and work as a designer at the French Academy of Rome (Villa Medici), this experience brought me to start “Fragile”, my first short-animated-movie. It received the first price at the International Student Film Festival of Casablanca, Morocco in 2007 and has since been broadcast in several festivals in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.   A year later, I moved to Montreal and was involved in the creation of different projects, before moving back to Lebanon where I started my own company.   Currently living between the Middle East and Paris, my projects have become more and more international, expanding the opportunities of working on new ideas and be part of inspiring projects all over the world. I always find it very thrilling to work with dedicated and talented artists, pushing the boundaries of creativity to the next level.